Let Text Messaging Get You Back With Your Ex

Published: 08th March 2011
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There is a time in most relationships that, not long after the break-up, one or both of the ex couple want to get back together and rekindle the romance that once was. But, how do you go about contacting your ex to let them know how you feel?

If you feel the need to let your ex know that you are willing to give the relationship another chance, is texting a good means of making that first reunion message? Get your ex back now.

Looking at it dispassionately, there are advantages and disadvantages to texting - particularly when it is used in the context of personal and intimate relations. Additional information dealing with contacting your ex is looked at.

Let us look at each.

Advantages of texting to get your ex back

1. Billions of texts are sent over the mobile network every year, so it is a well appreciated means of interacting.

2. Text messaging is a fast, straightforward and an inexpensive form of exchanging information.

3. You have ample time to scan over and correct a text message ahead of dispatching it. This provides you space to consider exactly what you are writing and sidestep impromptu sentiments.

4. You can be practically 100 % certain that your sms will be dispatched right away into the personal inbox of your ex.

5. Many people savor getting an sms. This will help to put your ex in a receptive mood immediately before they start reading your text.

6. Texting will provide your ex the opportunity to ponder upon a reply rather than instictively reacting in the negative.

Disadvantages of text messaging to getting an ex back

1. Instant distribution into the hands of your ex means that you could interrupt them at an inopportune time. They may view this as an invasion of their privacy.

2. Because sms messaging is a norm for modern human interaction it means that your very important, personal sms to your ex might be submerged beneath a sea of other less important messages - similar to how personal emails often get missed in a ton of spam.

3. Once you text has been transmitted, you cannot amend it or deny its contents. Many people lose the chance to get their ex back because of a sms sent without prior due care and attention.

4. It is difficult to put across the deepness of sentiment by text. So a text message that you intended to be funny or filled with caring sentiments may not be read in a similar vein by your ex in the same spirit as it was sent.

5. Most people do not exercise adequate protection to their cell phones. Bereft password logons and a physical secure place of storage, the personal and privy text message that you sent to your ex is open to the danger of becoming universal knowledge in a circle of friends who will all know personally.

6. Do not in any way let fly a text whilst you are intoxicated by alcohol. A text that you believed inoffensive when in a drunken stupor will typically return and make you suffer in the cold, sober light of day. This is absolutely a stomach-churning way of dashing your hopes of ever getting your ex back.

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